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Where do we get groceries?

The Lake Luzerne Market is located ¼ mile into town to get you started. We have three convenience stores adjacent to The Elms …Cumberland’s FarmsStewart’s and Joe’s Deli Mart. One block away is a Farmer’s Market with great vegetables and fruit pies. TOPS is 4 miles south in the Town of Corinth and Price Chopper is 15 miles east at Exit 19 off Rte 87 in Glens Falls.

Where do we get beer and wine?

Next door is Bailey’s wines and liquors and The Ledge Rock Hill Winery wine tasting vineyard is 4 miles west in Hadley. Stewart’s and Cumberland Farms offer many beer selections.

Where is the best coffee?

Hard to say, I get a nice cup of Colombian Supreme at Cumberland Farms, people do rave about Stewart’s coffee. All the local restaurants have high quality coffee, and you have a Mr. Coffee in your cottage with filters provided to brew your favorite blend.

Where are the restaurants?

Upriver Café is ¼ mile into town with gourmet food overlooking a waterfall, and reservations are a must. They also boast a vegetarian menu. Waterhouse family restaurant and bar is located next door with a large menu. Molly’s Mason Jar a local favorite is open for breakfast and lunch at the golf course. You can find more details, directions and a discounts on our app “Elms Cottages.”

Where can we get some good pizza?

Walk across the street to Rocco’s for a quick slice and award winning fries. 9 North at the golf course has an amazing brick oven with designer pizzas to choose from along with salads.


Where can we go swimming?

We have a private beach at The Elms. Please obey the signs, as you are swimming at your own risk. Since you are the lifeguard someone over the age of 18 must be on the beach when you are in the water. In case of emergency, medical care can be found in Corinth or call 911. A first aid kit and CPR mask are in the office. Please do not swim at the docks.

Where can kids play?

Everywhere!!! They have been spotted at our playground area known as The Nest with swings, slides, tether-ball, shuffleboard, basketball, volleyball and ping pong. Please drive slowly through the property to prevent injury.

What about fishing license and bait?

A fishing license and a great bait selection can be found at Bob’s Bait Shop, 6 miles south in the Town of Corinth. Just looking for some worms, Stewart’s has a selection next door.

What about fishing motor and rods?

We have a trolling motor to put on the back of our rowboats and you can pick up some fishing items in our River Ridin’ store along with a pole. Nothing too fancy, however Bob’s Bait shop has some nice equipment.

What about paddle boats, row boats and kayaks?

They are on a first come-first serve basis. Please follow two rules…put on your life vest and stay in the play area. The play area is defined by the shore line and the beaches. Going past the beaches may cause you to not be able to return due to the currents. Please return the boats to the docks and hook them up and replace the paddles and vests to the racks.

Where do we go to rent a jet ski, pontoon boat, SUP board or go rafting?

Where is the best hike?

Where can we find horses?

Where do we go to rent a jet ski, pontoon boat, SUP board and go rafting?

Our sister company River Ridin’ will do all that for you with a 10% discount at the Tiki Hut. You must be 18 to rent a boat, have a driver’s license, and pass a written test to take out the jet ski. You can try out our unique “trackers” or kayaking skills with a lazy ride down the Hudson.

Where is the best hike?

We start everyone off with Hadley Mountain Ranger Tower. It is located about 6 miles from the office and takes about 4 hours to complete door to door. After Hadley, we recommend Buck Mountain on Lake George about 20 miles away. You can find directions on your app.

Where can we find horses?

Bennett’s Riding Stable 5 miles north has plenty of quality horses to get out on the trail and explore the unique connection between man, horse and nature. Reservations are a must. And, if you want a little excited go to the Rodeo on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights. Great family fun and also includes a BBQ.


Is there a phone directory?

Yes, every cottage has a Hospitality Guest Book with information on churches, restaurants, hiking, starting fires, our history, the legend of Chief Tiosaronda and other interesting items.

What do we do with the trash?

Trash is to be tied up into bags and put in the barrels located at the trash compound next to the Nest. Recyclable products such as glass, tin and plastic can go into their containers.

How do we get extra towels?

Towels are provided, and if you need to change your towels out please bring them to the laundry room at the Lodge to be replaced with fresh ones. We do not provide beach towels.

How do I start a fire and where can I get wood?

Wood is available outside the office for $1 per stick on the honor system. Please help yourself and stop by the office at your convenience. To start your fire you will need small twigs, some paper, medium size branches and then your logs built to look like a teepee. Then light it. A fire needs equal amounts of fuel, oxygen and heat to keep burning.

How do I use the charcoal grill?

Please use only charcoal, and not wood. Charcoal can be obtained at the office or from the local convenience stores. We recommend the self-starting bags that you just light. We also recommend that you use tin foil or an aluminum tray to cook your food on top of the grill.

Is there WiFi internet service on the property?

Yes, we have WiFi service at each cottage. The Password is Riverridin. We also have a WiFi Center where you can go to work on your computers or watch a movie on the flat screen TV. The key lock code is 7271.

What do we do in case of a fire?

In the event of a fire, gather everyone together and move to the fire safety zone on the grassy area by the volleyball net. Notify the office. There are fire extinguishers located at each cottage.

Where are the medical facilities?

The closest is in Corinth four miles south called the Evergreen Health Center 654-6499. Glens Falls Hospital is 15 miles away off exit 18 from Rte 87.

When is the office open?

The office is open from 10-6pm daily. If after hours, you can leave a not on the door or call 696-3072. Emergency maintenance please call 696-3740 first.

What are the rules concerning pets?

We do allow pets and ask the owners to please keep them leashed, use a pooper scooper and crate the animal when left alone in the cottage. They can go in the water, shake off away from guests and dry off before entering the cottage.

Is it possible to get a late check out?

Yes. Our standard check in and check out times are 2pm and 12 noon respectively. However, we realize your schedules often need to be flexible. Occasionally, we can get you in earlier and if no one is renting your cottage then a late check out is possible at no charge up to 3 pm. Please check with the office.

Who is on the staff?

Lorraine, Sam and Brooke are your cottage house keepers. Ray and Joe maintain the grounds and repair the cottages. Sarah manages the reservations and office details. Brittney, Scott, Alana, Abby, Mireya, Brendan and Madison operate River Ridin’ for your water sports. Your job is to have FUN!!

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